In an effort to deepen the capabilities of HR teams to start using Freshservice more efficiently, we have planned to go live with a line-up of features in the upcoming month(s). These features are built to help with work streams that matter for HR teams to solve their everyday challenges like automations, data sanity and privacy, and employee lifecycle events. 

Features that will help supercharge your HR teams:

1. Self-serve document generation

2. Out-of-the-box employee offboarding

3. Integration with Workday 

Self-serve document generation

Employees often need to request various types of documents, such as salary certificates, proof of employment, or other types of documents, for various reasons such as loan applications, rental applications, visa applications, etc. Freshservice allows you to automate the document generation process by allowing you to define customizable document templates and associate them with a service catalog item for easy document requests. 

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Employee Offboarding [UPCOMING]

The process of managing the termination of employment is usually a complex and multi-functional process that involves multiple departments. Freshservice Employee Offboarding module streamlines different offboarding workflows and ensures complete compliance and a smooth experience for both employees and admins. It reduces administrative overhead, increases efficiency, and helps organizations maintain a strong and secure exit process. 

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Integration with Workday [UPCOMING]

For all customers using Workday as their HR system of record, this integration helps you maximise the operational efficiency of your teams at scale. With this integration in place, you can now have a tight integration where employee information that is updated in Workday gets automatically reflected within your Freshservice interface. This real time sync can help you automate important employee workflows with precision like new hire onboarding, etc.

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