Note: This feature is available on Pro and Enterprise plans only.


Managers today are unable to view the size of an epic. Each user story (or child ticket) inside an epic has a story point estimate (i.e . number of child tasks estimated). Today a summation of that estimate or the total effort needed at an epic level is not available. Hence, managers are unable to gauge the effort required to complete an epic.

When the story point Rollup feature is enabled, all child task story points within a project will be summed up and displayed as an epic level story point.

How to enable story point rollup?

In Project Settings, an option to enable story point rollup will be provided.

Once enabled, the story point summation of all user stories of all child tasks within (or mapped to) an epic will be displayed in the ‘Story Point’ field of the epic form, provided individual user stories have estimates available.

This story point field will not be editable once the story point rollup feature is enabled.

When the feature is disabled the story points field will become editable and will retain the rolled up value till it is manually edited.

With this feature, program managers or engineering managers can easily view the size of an epic, gauge the effort required and scale of work involved in it & hence plan projects better.

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