Click here to know the basics of Story Point Rollup.

Currently, epic progress is displayed in two places:

  1. Epic level progress on the (roadmap view)

  1. Project level progress

Here the progress is indicated based on the count of tasks. As shown, the number of tasks ‘completed’, ‘work in progress’ and ‘yet to start’ are displayed.

The information displayed is insufficient and doesn’t convey the size of each task accurately. A better way to display progress is both in terms of task count and task size. 

The existing Progress is renamed to Progress (by Task count). Here’s how progress is computed:
1) Progress (by Task count): The summation of all tasks inside an epic.

2) Progress (by story points): Story points associated with each task within an epic or project are summed and displayed as a percentage. This displays the size of each task and this progress estimation is slightly more comprehensive.

Progress (by story points) is by default displayed in all projects and epics, and is displayed in all the below views.

  1. Roadmap 

  1. Projects List 

  1. Projects Gantt

Story Point data will also be onboarded in Analytics for reporting purposes.