Requesting for services listed on the Service Catalog

When employees request services that are already listed on the service catalog, Virtual agent will find the right service item and raise a request on your behalf. 

Scenario 1: Grace requests Virtual agent for SurveyMonkey access. Virtual agent finds the service item on the service catalog and creates a request for her. 

Scenario 2: 

Grace is new to the company and wants to add herself to a distribution list. Virtual agent finds the respective service item on the service catalog, gets all the information required from Grace conversationally, and raises a request on her behalf.

Summarizing pointed responses

Virtual agent can summarize lengthy articles into pointed, actionable responses for employees.

Scenario 1: Grace is looking to get in touch with an insurance agent, and Virtual agent identifies the article with this information and summarizes it with a pointed response regarding the contact information.

Scenario 2: Alex is looking to know if there are long weekends in the month of August. Virtual agent goes through the holiday calendar available on the knowledge base, tries to spot long weekends by combining the holiday information with the occurrence of weekends, and responds accurately.

Troubleshooting issues - solutions referenced from multiple articles

Oftentimes, IT Teams maintain multiple contextual articles that can have parts of the solution required to troubleshoot an issue. When an employee asks a question to the Virtual agent, it summarizes a response from multiple such articles that it identifies and provides links to them for further reference.

When you let the Virtual agent know that the suggested solution is not helpful enough, it will prompt you to create a service request or a ticket. Once you click on raise a ticket, it will automatically create one for you with the relevant context about your issue captured.  

Share feedback on Virtual agent responses

To improve the quality of conversations with the Virtual agent, a feedback loop is integral to understand what’s working for employees and recalibrate responses appropriately. With the latest update, employees can now share feedback about Virtual agent responses as helpful and not helpful. 

Here’s what happens when you share feedback:

  • Both types of feedback will be fed back into the algorithm to calibrate better responses in the future. 

  • When you mark a response as “Not helpful”, you will be redirected to raise a ticket for better assistance. You may choose to raise a ticket or continue conversing.

Note: You can provide feedback only for curated responses and not for automated responses that are generated as small talk.