NOTE:  This is an upcoming feature and is in the works. It is not live yet.

Workday + Freshservice 

For all customers using Workday as their HR system of record, this integration helps you maximise the operational efficiency of your teams at scale. With this integration in place, you can now have a tight integration where employee information that is updated in Workday gets automatically reflected within your Freshservice interface.

This real time sync can help you automate important employee workflows with precision like new hire onboarding, etc.


What is in it for you?

This integration between Workday and Freshservice facilitates 

1. Data sync between the two apps on employee information

2. OOTB automations (like onboarding) that requires minimal technical bandwidth

3. Customize OOTB workflows easily based on account-specific requirements

Who can enable the Workday-Freshservice integration

Every Account Admin and Admin within Freshservice can initiate this integration.

The customer must have an active Workday account with admin privileges.

How to install Workday

1. Go to your Settings > Apps. Search for Workday from the apps gallery.

2. The Workday app details page opens up. 

3. You will find a 'Overview' and the 'How to Install' tab.

4. Install the app and you will be directed to the Configuration page.

5. Enter the Domain URL and API key to connect your Freshservice account. Click Next.

6. Now enter the credentials to authenticate the Workday connection.

7. Ensure all credentials marked as mandatory are filled.

8. After successfully installing the app, there are some post-install steps to follow.

How to configure the integration

1. Post install, go to the installed apps list view page from the Apps section under Settings > Manage Apps

2. Click on the Settings dropdown corresponding to Workday app.

3. You will see three tabs here: Overview | Workflows | Data Sync Settings. Go to Workflows

4. Three OOTB workflows are available for you to configure right away.

    a. Freshservice User Sync

     b. Employee Onboarding

     c. Employee Offboarding

4. You can Preview each of these OOTB workflows before choosing to click on Start and activate the workflow.

5. You can Edit or view the activity logs of an active workflow from here at any point in time.

     a. Edit

     b. View logs

6. Once you have activated the workflows as per you need, you can then define the scope of your employee data sync between Workday and Freshservice from the next tab, Data Sync Settings

7. These are the following fields that will be available to be synced between the two apps

    a. Employee Details

        - Employee name

        - Employee ID

        - Employee Department

    b. Employment Details

        - Employee Status

        - Employee Designation

        - Reporting Manager

        - Name and Email

        - Start Date

        - Cost Center

8. Once you check and select the fields that you want to be synced between the apps, you can click on Save.

How to access Workday information from your tickets details page?

1. Go to the relevant ticket that needs attention.

2. If your Workday integration is enabled, you will see a Workday details card on the right-side panel.

3. You can quickly see a summary of the most updated information on that specific employee without having to switch tools or tabs.

4. You can also refresh your data to reflect the latest information by using the Update Data option.

5. If you wish to change your Workday Settings and Configuration, you can use the shortcut from the same card.

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