There are two ways to delete a service:

  1. Via the Service List page
  2. Via Inventory

Let's explore both in detail.

Deleting a service via the Service List page

Visit the Service list page and:

  1. Click on the service you want to delete
  2. On the service details page, click on the three dots icon on the top right, and click Delete
  3. A slider will inform you about the integrations that would be delinked from the service. 
  4. Review your decision and confirm

Note: Deleted services are moved to Trash and can be retrieved within 90 days of deletion. You can also permanently delete services from the Trash. However, on permanent deletion, the service and all its associated information will become irretrievable. 


Deleting a service via Inventory

Visit the Inventory page and filter for Asset Type 'Service'. Select a service and click the Delete button on the top right to proceed.

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