Note: This feature is available on Slack and will be available on Microsoft Teams soon. 

Minimize app hopping by enabling everything your agents and approvers need to manage and respond to tickets on collaboration tools. 

With the latest enhancements to Servicebot, we bring better context for tickets and a set of service requests into your collaboration tools to:

  • Manage approvals with context from other approvers

  • Quickly view latest conversations attached to the ticket

Approvals with better context

While approving tickets requesting for hardware or materials, you’d want to know in detail about the items requested to approve/reject with relevant context. With our latest enhancements, you can:

  • When multiple approvers are involved, use the Approval status option to view who has approved / rejected this request. Also see the comments they have added while performing the action. 

  • Understand who requested the approval and who it is for. Get complete context into requested items, ticket status, priority, and total cost.

  • While approving requests, there’s a chance that other approvers have approved/rejected tickets. To avoid conflicting approvals, Servicebot notifies you when you try to approve / reject tickets that were already approved / rejected / canceled. 

Reply and view ticket conversations 

View recent ticket conversations (up to 10) and respond to tickets as replies or private notes.