Getting started with Virtual Agent

For you to use Virtual Agent, your admin should install the bot as part of your organization’s Slack account. Once the bot is installed, search for "Servicebot" from the Slack global search bar to get started.

Troubleshooting with Virtual Agent

If you’re having an issue or would like some help, you can message @Servicebot from Slack. If the answer to your question is available in the form of a solution article, ServiceBot will display it on the chat window. 

Let’s take an example where you would like to know about the insurance benefits offered by your organization. Once you type the question “What are my insurance benefits?” mentioning ServiceBot, ServiceBot will show you the list of articles from the knowledge base that matches your query. 

You can click on the Read more button to read the solution article as you can see in the example below. 

In some instances, ServiceBot will also show snippets of text from a solution article that will offer you instant value. 

If you got the answer, you can click on the thumbs-up icon to let ServiceBot know that it has done a good job. If not, you can mark the thumbs-down icon, which will prompt you to raise a ticket with your IT team. 

Requesting for a service item

You can also request a service item by messaging @ServiceBot from Slack. ServiceBot is designed to understand your message and pick the right service item from your organization’s service catalog. You can request for the service item directly from Slack. 

Note: If you're an admin, you can enable orchestration capabilities for your account to instantly fulfill service requests such as provisioning access to CRM, Github, Zoom Pro account, or a Figma license. Click here to know more about Orchestration.

If ServiceBot is unable to find the item that you’re looking for, it will present you with an option to raise a ticket. 

Approvals via ServiceBot

In order to see a list of items awaiting your approval, click on ServiceBot and then click on Approvals from the Home tab. 

You’ll now see the list of service requests awaiting your approval. You can approve or reject those requests with a single click. Please note that you can approve a request without adding a comment, whereas adding a comment is mandatory when you’re rejecting a request. 

Your action on the service request will be communicated to the requester. 

Note: Approvals are available for both requesters and agents