If you are still using the Slack (legacy) or Servicebot (legacy) apps, we highly recommend you to migrate to the new and updated slack integration for Freshservice. The legacy apps are not being maintained now and any bugs (including critical issues) reported after 31st December 2021 will not be supported or fixed.

We are extremely excited to invite you to try and use ServiceBot for Slack  to provide a best in class experience to your agents and requesters: 

To install, visit: https://www.freshworks.com/apps/freshservice/service_bot_slack-freshservice or search “ServiceBot for Slack” in Freshservice marketplace. 

With ServiceBot for Slack, it’s not merely about raising tickets or getting alerts on Slack.You can do much more with the below features*:

  1. Get Conversational Support - Users can now chat with Servicebot to get assistance. Servicebot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand user queries and provides users with relevant information.

  2. Deflect Tickets - Deflect L1 tickets by providing relevant knowledge base articles and relieve service desk agents from monotonous and repetitive tasks.

  3. Provide Instant Updates– Map your Freshservice groups to your slack channels and provide instant updates around ticket assignments to your agents and the status of the tickets to your requesters. 

  4. Provide Faster Approvals -Agents and Requesters are notified about service requests and change approvals assigned to them.They can take action on approvals within Slack! 

* features supported vary based on your existing Freshservice plan

For pushing custom notifications to your slack channels from workflow automator, you can use the new Slack Orchestration app which provides this feature and much more. 

To learn more about the installation steps and usage,visit https://support.freshservice.com/en/support/solutions/articles/50000003313-installation-guide-for-slack-orchestration-app