Here is how you can ensure that your solution articles are pulled as relevant responses to your employees' queries. 

Adding Titles

  1. Incorporate Primary Keywords 

The title should contain the primary keyword(s) that the article is about.

Example: VPN authentication issue on Windows laptop

  1. Use FAQs

    Use the most frequently asked question that you anticipate employees will ask to find this article

Example: How to connect Bluetooth headphones with my MacBook?

  1. Add specific context

    Use context in the title. Add details like geography, OS, application name, etc.

Example: Printer setup on macbook in Bangalore office

  1. Create unique titles

    Multiple articles should not have the same title.

Creating the Article Body

  1. Focussed, topically aligned

    If an article has multiple topics covered, split it into separate articles (one for each topic).

What doesn’t work: 

“Payroll questions”

Content about “how to access” and “commonly raised issues” for a software are covered in the same article

  1. Keep it Brief

We recommend that articles should be ~400 words long

  1. Include overall context in the first few lines

The complete context of the article should be established within the first few lines of the article. Ensure that they are not similar to or duplicates of other articles.

General recommendations

  1. Use employees language

The title and body should contain the same language that you expect your employees to use.

  1. Add images right

Add title and alt text to images

  1. Add contextual URLs 

Add labels to URLs, or add text alongside URLs in the article body.

  1. Avoid relying on tags and keywords

Virtual agent’s responses rely heavily on visible content to support semantic search. Therefore do not use tags and keywords to improve search effectiveness.