Freshservice is rolling out a newly revamped admin page with easier navigation and simpler organization of admin components. Please find the details of the name and category changes below: 

Reorganization of admin components : 


Sub Menu

Admin Components 

Accounts settings 

Account, Plans and Billing, Workspace Settings, Service Desk Rebranding, Service Desk Security, Sandbox, Day passes, Audit Log, Email Notifications

User Management 

Agents, Roles, Company/Departments, Company/Department fields, Contacts/Requesters, User Fields, CAB, Requester Groups, Agent Groups



Email Settings and Mailboxes 


Freshchat, Virtual Agent, ChatBot 

Other Channels 

Freshcaller, Freshdesk, Support Portals, Feedback Widget 

Service Management 

Service Desk Settings 

Business Hours, SLA and OLA Policies, Priority Matrix, Field Manager, Form Templates, Business Rules For Forms, Tags, Satisfaction Survey, Closure Rules, Change Lifecycle

Service Request Management 

Service Catalog, Employee Onboarding 

Automation and Productivity


Workflow Automator, Supervisor Rules, Orchestration Center, Scenario Automations, Credentials 

Agent Productivity 

Canned Responses, Scheduler, Field Suggester, Response Suggestions, Leaderboard, Email Commands, Team Huddle


Apps, Custom Objects 

Asset Management 

Asset Types and Fields, Discovery, Cloud Management, SaaS Management, Product Catalog, Vendors, Vendor Fields, Software Fields, Contract Types, Purchase Order Fields, Locations, Asset Depreciation, Relationship Types 

IT Operations Management

Alert Rules, Monitoring Tools, On-Call Schedules 

Project and Workload Management 

Project Fields, Project Collaboration, JIRA Import, DevOps Integrations, Workload Management 

Name changes: 

Old Name 

Old Menu 

New Name 

New Menu

Requesters Groups


Requester Groups

User Management 

Agents Groups


Agent Groups

User Management 


General Settings 

Email settings and Mailboxes 

Channels> Email


General Settings


Channels> Chat 


General Settings 

Freshdesk contact center 

Channels> Other channels 

Customer satisfaction 

Service Desk productivity

Satisfaction Survey 

Service Management> Service Desk Settings 


Service Desk productivity

Supervisor Rules 

Automation and Productivity> Automation


Service Desk productivity


Automation and Productivity> Agent productivity

Financial management 

Asset Management 

Asset Depreciation 

Asset Management 

Note: This does not change the behaviour of any of the admin components