Note: This was communicated in the Freshservice List of Migration Items in May 2022.

To ensure consistent experience across all modules of Freshservice, we are renaming ‘Department’ and ‘Requester’ fields to ‘Company’ and ‘Contact’ fields respectively for all our single account MSP mode customers in the Analytics module. 


Before change:

After change:

This change will have an impact on third party integrations/reports built using data exports containing Department / Requester fields.


Here are the timelines for the change:


Deprecation Date


Action Required

Nov 2022

‘Department’ and ‘Requester’ fields in the analytics module will be renamed to ‘Company’ and ‘Contact’ respectively.

Revisit the analytics integrations/apps built using data exports or schedules and make necessary changes to the field names.


Will I get impacted by this?

If you are a single-account MSP mode customer using ‘Requester’ and ‘Department’ fields in exports and schedules, you will get impacted by this change. 

Note: For MSP customers who are not using 'Department' and 'Requester' fields in the underlying data and data exports in analytics, this transition was already done in August 2020.