You can now ingest alerts into Freshservice using email as a channel. This option can be useful when your monitoring tool doesn't support integration with Freshservice via webhooks. 

The incoming emails from monitoring tools can be tracked as alerts, mapped to Freshservice alert fields, and turned into incidents via alert workflows. This way, you can filter the signal from the noise.

To use this functionality, simply enter the unique email ID generated by Freshservice into your monitoring tool to start collecting the alerts directly into Freshservice. Let’s break down the process into discrete steps.

Step 1:

Head to the Admin panel, scroll to IT Operations Management, and select Monitoring ToolsIf your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > {Worskpace Name} > IT Operations Management > Monitoring Tools.

Step 2:

You are now on the Monitoring Tools list page. Select ‘Add monitoring tool’ to add a new integration.

Step 3

You will see a list of pre-configured integrations, the gateway to custom integration using webhooks, and the option to use email as a channel for alerts. Select email.

Step 4

You will land on the email integration details page. If you wish, edit the name of the integration and describe what it does. 


Step 5

Copy the email ID generated by Freshservice and configure it in your monitoring tool. 

If the configuration is done correctly, you should be able to view alerts received via email on the Alerts List page.

Step 6

If you wish, you can map email content to alert fields in Freshservice. Use the toggle to expand this option. 

Step 7

Copy and paste an example alert content into the From, Subject, and Body fields.

Step 8

On the next screen, choose the email field that contains the alert value that you want to extract. Type in the regex to extract the expected value from the alert content. As you create the regex, Freshservice will show you the output on the same screen, enabling you to spot and rectify errors then and there.

Click here to know more about mapping alert field mapping for email alerts.


Step 9

Remember to select ‘Save & Finish’ to get done with the configuration in Freshservice. 

The size limit for email recieved via the email integration is 1MB. If the email size exceeds this limit then Freshservice will create an alert but drop the email body.

The email should preferrably be UTF-8 encoded