Once you have configured the child tickets in your employee onboarding settings and defined which one is a predecessor and which one is a successor, you can use the Workflow Automator to pass information from a predecessor ticket to a successor ticket.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Identify the predecessor ticket with the help of Event and Condition blocks. In this case, we've defined them as follows:

Event: Service Request is updated

Condition 1: Source is Employee Onboarding

Condition 2: Subject includes the keyword: Workstation Allocation

Condition 3: Status is changed to Resolved

2. Add an action block and choose the desired action. In the example below, as we wish to update successor tickets with the details of workspace allocation, we're updating their workspace location field with the help of a placeholder from the predecessor ticket. We're applying this action by choosing "Associated Successor Tickets" from the dropdown at the top.

And that's how you can apply any action on a predecessor ticket's successor tickets.