Manage Projects, Workspaces, Teams, Tasks and Users in Asana via the workflow Automator.


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:


  1. Create Project

  2. Update Project

  3. Get Project

  4. Create Project in a Team

  5. Create Project in a Workspace

  6. Delete project

  7. Add users to a project

  8. Remove users from a project

  9. Add followers to a project

  10. Remove followers from a project


  1. Get Workspace By Name

  2. Get Workspace

  3. Update Workspace

  4. Add a user to a workspace

  5. Remove a user from a workspace


  1. Get User


  1. Create Team

  2. Get Team in an organization

  3. Add users to a team

  4. Remove user from a team


  1. Create Task

  2. Fetch task by name

  3. Update task

  4. Delete Task


To install and authenticate the app provide the following input:

  1. Config Name - Give your connection to Asana a name to identify which account you are connecting to.

  2. PAI Token- The personal access token of your Asana account.  Create a PAT by visiting this link https://app.asana.com/-/developer_console, Provide a name for the token and copy the generated token.