Personalizing user experiences boosts productivity and makes processes more efficient by getting the correct information from the right stakeholders. By creating dynamic sections for fields, only the child fields relevant to the selection made in the parent field will show up for the stakeholder filling the form, which saves time and helps gather accurate inputs for fulfilment

Please note: This feature works only for custom dropdown fields

  1. Create a custom dropdown field like employee type that requires the stakeholder to input different information in the child fields based on the selection of the type of employment in the parent field:  

  2. The option to create dynamic sections will appear alongside the custom dropdown: 

  3. Assuming the employment type field has two options, permanent and temporary, to choose from, click on ‘Add dynamic sections’ to customize child fields for each of the options:

  4. On clicking ‘Add dynamic sections’ again, you can configure the child fields for the next option: 

  1. When end users fill up this form on the support portal, they will be shown the relevant fields depending on the value chosen by them for Employee Type.