ServiceBot (with virtual agent) allows agents and requesters to create tickets from Microsoft Teams and also get notified of all ticket updates. 

On asking the ServiceBot a question, it can suggest service items to the user and give them the option to create a request from Microsoft Teams*.

Check out the help article for orchestration if you want to know more about how to set up workflows that automate the action of adding a user to a group

* Only forms that are simple enough to be rendered inside Microsoft Teams are supported. For other forms, users are redirected to the self-service portal for filling the form.

Forms that are supported should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Must have less than eight fields

  2. Must have less than 100 choices across all dropdown fields

  3. Must not have dependent fields,dynamic sections or multiselect fields

  4. For Incidents:

    1. Must not have business rules configured on an incident form

    2. Associating assets is not supported

  5. For Service Requests:

    1. Must not have dropdown fields that select options from a data source

    2. Must not be a loaner item or have child items

    3. Must not have attachments marked as mandatory

    4. Adding attachments from Microsoft Teams is not supported