Importing Object Records

Once you create your custom object with object fields you can choose to import the object records from a CSV file. To do this,

  1. Click on Import under the object records tab.

  2. Upload your CSV file under the upload section.

  3. Now to ensure that the records are imported right from the CSV file, match the Object fields with the CSV Fields.

Note: Ensure that your CSV File has

  • A header row with the field names

  • A dedicated column for Record ID. The Record ID will be a unique identifier added to every object record in Freshservice.

  1. Click on Import after matching all the fields.

  2. You can track the import status right within the custom object. You will also receive an email about the import status by email.

  3. If your import is partially completed or failed you can check the detailed status of the import with import results and failed records 


The record ID is used as following during an import:

  • If a matching record ID is found during import, the corresponding object record is updated with the CSV record data

  • If record ID is empty during import, an object record is inserted with the CSV record data

  • If no matching record ID is found, the CSV record is skipped during import. 

While importing into lookup fields, since look ups reference existing entities, ensure you use the following matching fields.

Lookup field Type

Matching Field

All Users / Agents


Group / Group Name

Group Name


Asset Name


Department Name

Service Item

Item Name


Location Name

Exporting Object Records

To export the object records in a custom object, click on Export to receive the exported records by email.