You can use commands to force the agent to perform operations such as force a scan or update Freshservice. To execute the commands, open terminal and change directory to the 'bin' folder of the discovery agent installed location. 

The mac agent default location is /Library/Freshservice-Agent/Freshservice-Discovery-Agent/bin

The Linux agent default location is /usr/local/sbin/Freshservice/Discovery-Agent/bin/

  • Manually trigger a scan of the device: dotnet FSAgentService.dll -scan
  • Manually trigger add device action if the device is not created in Freshservice after the agent is installed: dotnet FSAgentService.dll -add_device
  • Force update the discovered device details to Freshservice: dotnet FSAgentService.dll -update
  • Uninstall discovery agent and update Freshservice: dotnet FSAgentService.dll -uninstall
  • Complete uninstall of discovery agent without updating Freshservice: dotnet FSAgentService.dll -uninstall_force

These commands are supported from Mac Agent v4.0 and Linux Agent v3.0 onwards.