You would want to provide your hires with the right onboarding items based on their roles. To do so, you can bundle these items into onboarding kits. You can build tailor-made kits to suit every role in your organization. 

  • Choose the existing kit if it suits your needs. You can edit the name of the existing kit if needed. Or click on Build a Kit if you want to build one from scratch.

  • To build role-specific kits, you can define who needs your kits by setting up conditions. For example, if you’re building a kit for Visual Designers, you can define a condition,  Job Role includes Design and Development.

  • Next, add items that have to be provided as a part of this kit. You can select items that you have populated in your service catalog.

  • Additionally, it might be possible that some of the form fields in the service catalog items would remain the same for every employee belonging to a particular location, department, etc. To minimize the time taken while filling the forms out, you can prefill those fields. For instance, if you have a kit for all developers in your firm, the value for a field called “department” in an ID card service item can be prefilled as “Technology.” Similarly, for a software access service item, the value of purpose can be prefilled as “Employee Onboarding.”
    and To do so, click on the prefill fields option below the service catalog item, enter the field name and the value as per the required conditions.

    Note for Bulk Onboarding: If a mandatory dropdown field is added in 'Prefill fields' and the value chosen to be prefilled is deleted later in the Service Item's page, the requester will receive an error on submitting the form unless you enter a value that is present in the dropdown. It is advised that a new value be updated in the corresponding Prefill field after you delete the old one.

  • You can choose who can view items selected by the initiator from the visibility settings in the top right corner. The chosen stakeholder(s) can view items selected by the initiator in their onboarding form.

Items chosen by an initiator is visible to all stakeholders in the process if they are Freshservice Users. If a stakeholder is not a Freshservice user, they cannot view the items selected by the initiator in an onboarding request.

Is there a way to pick different build kits during the onboarding process using the portal, and if so, how?

The visibility of build kits during an onboarding request depends on the configured conditions found in 

Admin --> Employee Onboarding --> Build Kits.