If your organization has signed up for the Freshworks Suite of Products, which includes Freshservice, your Freshservice account can be accessed through a  common Freshworks account - The Freshworks Organization Account


The Freshworks Organization Account provides a centralized location to access, configure, and manage all your Freshworks' product accounts, agents, and billing across your company/organization. 


A unique Organization URL such as <yourcompany.freshworks.com> will be automatically generated while creating the Organization account. However, this URL can be modified later to align with your branding guidelines, within your Org Profile settings. 


Note: The Organization Account is applicable only to new customers signed up with the suite of products from January 2020. Existing customers will be migrated to their respective Organization Accounts in phases. 

Org Admin 

The Org Admin is the default role assigned to the user who registered/signed up for the Suite of products with Freshworks. This role gives the user access and privileges to manage agents, accounts, billing, privacy and security policies for all products across their company. Here’s what the Org Admin can do:

  • Update and manage agents and end-user profile details and information. 

  • Configure security policies. 

  • Import accounts from another Organization account. 

  • Modify Org Account URL.

  • Assign the role of Org Admin to other users.

  • Demote the role of Org Admin for other users. 

Note: An Organization Account can be managed by more than one Org Admin. 

Org Dashboard

Org Dashboard is the central point for managing your Organization Account. As an Org Admin, you can access the Org Dashboard to configure security policies, administer user accounts and details, and review billing cycles. 

To access the Org Dashboard: 

  1. Click on the Freshworks Switcher icon at the bottom of the left-pane. A pop-up window appears from the right. 

  2. Click your Organization URL  under Manage your organization. This opens the Org Dashboard page in a new tab.

Note: For more information on managing your Organization Account, check out these FAQs.

Move Existing Accounts

All your accounts created across Freshworks products will be mapped and grouped under one Organization Account. But, if you can’t find a few of your accounts in the Org account, you can always import them by clicking Move existing account on the Home page

Org Profile 

During Sign Up, you’d be assigned a URL for your Organization Account based on your sign up data. You can modify this to suit your branding or organization guidelines in the Org Profile page. Once you click Change Organization URL, a modal popup will appear with instructions on how to change your org domain. This is also where you can customize your Organization’s favicon, logo, and add it’s official name and address. 


You can configure how agents and admins log into your Freshservice Account in the Org Security page. This way, users logged in to your Freshservice account will use the same security methods set up for your Freshworks Org account. 

To access security settings: 

  1. Sign in to your Freshservice account. 

  2. Click on the Admin icon. 

  3. Click Service Desk Security under Account Settings. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Account Settings > Service Desk Security.

  4. Click on the link - Manage Service Desk Security from Freshworks 360 Security. This opens the Org Security page in a new tab. 

The Org Security page is also where you can choose multiple methods of authentication (Freshworks Login, Google, or Custom SSO). If you choose SSO, you can enable login through options such as SAML 2.0OpenID ConnectOAuth 2.0, and JSON Web Token