It’s critical to stay on top of your service desk metrics to streamline performance across your team. Consider the following scenario, as a manager you want to know how well your service desk agents are performing. You want to compare multiple metrics like the number of tickets assigned to agents, the number of tickets resolved, the number of tickets resolved with or without an SLA breach. 

With our Analytics enhancement, you can collate and compare multiple metrics in one pane. 

To Set up a Widget with Multiple metrics:

  • Create or Open a widget of your choice

  • On the right panel, click on metric, to add multiple metrics. You can select the group by criteria under the Group by field.

  • To rename a metric, clicking on to the right of the metric and select Rename. You can Clone or Delete metrics from the same menu.

  • You can filter the data by clicking on the filter icon to the right.
  • Add widget level, page level or report level filters. 
  • Click on the icon  next to the defined filter to convert your normal filter into an interactive filter.
  • You can also define a rank order which determines if the data is ordered in ascending or descending order. 

  • Click on Apply once you’re done configuring the widget.

You have your desired widget comparing m