The goal of this integration is to enable IT teams to consistently deliver business value by running all IT initiatives as Projects. With Freshrelease project management, IT teams can plan, prioritize, review progress, mitigate risks, and deliver results on time.

With this integration your team can now: 

  • Create and link projects from tickets, problems & changes within Freshservice. 
  • Associate development tasks/bugs/user stories from tickets, problems & changes in Freshservice. 
  • View task progress within Freshservice. 
  • Track tasks on Kanban boards in Freshrelease.


What they can do

IT admin/manager

Install the Freshrelease app

Add agents


Create projects to Freshservice tickets, change and problem

Setup owned project’s workflow on Freshrelease (only if the agent is a project owner or a project admin

Manage Freshrelease project settings (only if the agent is a project owner or a project admin)

Work on freshrelease tasks

View/Edit linked projects/tasks

View all tasks on kanban board

A quick guide to configuring the Freshrelease - Freshservice Integration :

Steps to follow for admins :

⚠️Note: To enable the Freshrelease integration in your Freshservice account, the user must have administrative privileges in Freshservice.

Step 1: Getting Started

  • Under Admin settings, navigate to Service Desk Productivity > Freshrelease

  • If you’re new to Freshrelease, hit Get started. A new Freshrelease trial account is created and integrated with your account right away, and you can start exploring the product.
  • If you have an existing Freshrelease account, click on Already using Freshrelease? to begin the integration process. 
    Existing accounts that are on the Pro plan of Freshrelease alone can be linked.

  • Now you’ll be lead to the account credentials window where you can enter your Freshrelease account’s Domain and the API key. You can find the API key under profile settings in Freshrelease.


  • Click on Authenticate to complete the integration. 

Step 2: Adding Agents to Freshrelease

  • Under the Agents tab, search and add agents. 

  • Agents will be added as regular users in the Freshrelease. 

What is the difference between a guest user and a regular user in Freshrelease?

Guest users - These users have read-only access to the projects they are invited to. They can create tasks, view existing tasks, and collaborate using comments on tasks. Also, they can only see the Project plan (roadmap) and Tasks inside a project. However, they cannot work on tasks or update existing tasks.

Guest users are Free forever.

Regular users - Regular users can create and manage IT or Business projects, tasks, visualize progress on kanban boards, run sprints, and much more.

Freshservice agents who are marked as regular users will be charged in Freshrelease billing. By default, when agents are added to Freshrelease via the integration will be regular users but admins can always convert them to guests to give them free access to Freshrelease.

How can Freshservice agents get free guest access to Freshrelease?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Service Desk Productivity > Freshrelease in Freshservice Admin Settings.

  2. Add agents to Freshrelease under the Agents tab.

  3. Go to Project Settings in Freshrelease

  4. Under “Users” click to edit the agent. Change the user type to “Guest” and Save. 

The agent will no longer be charged in Freshrelease.

Difference between Regular and Guest users in Freshrelease when integrated with Freshservice


Guest user


Paid or Free?



Create new project



Can edit tasks



Can be assigned tasks in Freshrelease?



Can view tasks?



Can search tasks?



@mention in comments



Modify project settings


Only if they are project admins

Modify account settings


No, only account admins

Invite other users to account


No, only account admins

How Does This Integration Work?

To associate a Freshrelease project:

  • Open the ticket, problem or change you want to work on.

  • From the Associate menu, select Freshrelease Project.

⚠️Note: IT agents can create a project on Freshservice, they can also configure the tasks workflow by visiting Freshrelease. 

  • In the Associate Freshrelease Project window, select “New Project” or you can search for an “Existing project

  • If you’re creating a new project, select the Project type.
    Business project - For tracking key IT business initiatives such as commissioning new hardware or may be running periodic audits.
    Software project - For building, testing, and releasing software.

  • Select the project owner, by default it will be the logged-in user. You can change it by clicking on the dropdown.

  • Select the project visibility
    Private - Visible to project members only
    Public - Visible to all agents  who have access to Freshrelease

  • Click on Submit to associate the project.

Created projects can be viewed under the Associations tab. 

To View Associated Projects in Freshrelease

  • Open the ticket, problem or change you want to work on.

  • Click on the associations’ tab to view all the associated projects.

  • Clicking on the name of the project will open a window.

  • You can again click on the Project name to have a view of it on Freshrelease.

Project dissociation:

  • You can dissociate the project from the “Associations” tab.

  • The dissociated project will be removed from the association.

  • If required, you can associate it again by selecting the “Existing Project” from the project association tab.

To associate a Freshrelease task:

  • Open the ticket, problem, or change you want to work on.

  • From the Associate menu, select Freshrelease Task.

⚠️ Note: IT agents can create a task on Freshservice and associate it with the ticket, problem or change. Agents who are project admins in Freshrelease can configure task fields, workflows, and much more.

  • In the Associate Freshrelease Task window, enter the New Task’s Name or search for an existing task

  • Search and select the project to which you want to add a task.

  • Choose a Task Type. (eg: Task list, Task, Epic, User story, Bug, etc.)

  • Choose Priority

  • Choose an Agent who is creating and associating this Task from Freshservice.

  • Choose an Assignee from Freshrelease. An assignee will be a user in Freshrelease to whom your task will get assigned to.

  • Click on Submit to create the task.

To View Associated task in Freshrelease

  • Open the ticket, problem or change you want to work on.

  • Click on the associations’ tab to view all the associated tasks.

  • Clicking on the name of the task will open a slider view of the task.

Task dissociation:

  • You can dissociate the task from the “Associations” tab.

  • The dissociated task will be removed from the association.

  • If required you can associate it again by selecting the “Existing Task” from the task association tab.

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