When you install the SCCM integration, the Freshservice Discovery Probe syncs the device, software and user information from a set of default views and columns in SCCM. You can find the default set of views in this article.

You might want to customize the device information synced from SCCM to Freshservice. Here's how you can achieve that.

Once the SCCM Probe is installed, navigate to the SCCM folder in the Probe install location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Freshworks\FreshServiceProbe\integrations\sccm\) and open SCCMTablesMapper.json. 

Modifying the existing mapping

  • The SCCMTabelsMapper.json file contains the mapping that defines what SCCM views and columns are used to get the device, software and user details and how it is mapped to a Freshservice attribute. 
  • For the default set of fields that are already mapped, you can change the view and column from which the data is being pulled. 
  • For example, if you have the device user details in a different table, you can change the TableName and map the correct column name to UserName attribute under the ComputerOwner section in the field mapper file. 

Syncing new fields from SCCM to Freshservice

  • On top of modifying the mapping for the existing attributes, you can also map new attributes. To do this, go to the DeviceAdditionalProperties section in the SCCMTablesMapper.json file.
  • Here, you'll find a list of default Hardware attributes that are not synced using the SCCM integration at the moment. You can choose to add a mapping for these fields by providing the Table Name and the Column Name
  • If you have added custom fields and you wish to update these fields from SCCM, you can specify these fields as shown below in the CustomFields section. You can define and map additional device properties from up to 5 tables in SCCM by specifying the attributes inside the "DeviceAdditionalProperties" array. Refer to the below screenshot for reference.

Points to note:

  • Additional fields can be mapped only for devices at the moment. Adding custom fields for users synced from SCCM is not supported
  • Once the SCCM mapping is updated, restart the Probe Service, open the Probe UI and import the devices again. This will sync the new data to Freshservice.
  • The custom field is configured to exclusively search for Hardware -> Computer fields and their associated subtypes. Please ensure that you specify the custom fields under the Hardware -> Computer asset type.

If you need any assistance with modifying the mapping, please reach out to support@freshservice.com