Sending customer satisfaction surveys to the right tickets can greatly improve response rates and feedback accuracy. In Freshservice, you can create multiple surveys and configure conditions to trigger them for specific tickets. The Criteria section of the Customer Satisfaction Survey feature gives users the flexibility to set trigger conditions for a particular survey.

For example, you can create a separate survey for the IT teams and a separate one for the HR teams.

The following sections under the Criteria page enable you to define trigger conditions, set the display text for the survey link, regulate the frequency of the survey emails,  check the settings, and test the survey link before sending it to customers.

  • Configure a condition based on the ticket field: You can add multiple conditions and choose whether to match all or any of those conditions to trigger the survey.
  • Configure the display text for the link sent in the survey mail: You can configure the text that the user will receive in the email or support portal.
  • Choose:  which emails have the satisfaction survey link: A ticket can have multiple email communications. You can select the email communications containing the satisfaction survey link for customers from the ticket conversation using the four options.
  • Regulate Survey Emails: You can set the frequency at which you want to send the survey emails to your customers and define a time period after which the frequency number will reset.

Automatically sending Customer Satisfaction Surveys