The fundamental question is, what do satisfaction surveys measure? It is as simple as understanding how happy your customers are with the product or services they receive. 

With a Satisfaction survey as a built-in functionality in Freshservice, it gets easier to measure service desk efficiency and customer satisfaction with every support ticket. Once the survey is activated, you can set up reports and configure workflows to improve your service based on feedback.
Surveys can be configured both at a global and local level.
Order of execution: Local surveys are executed first, followed by global surveys. The first survey to match the conditions gets triggered.

How to Create a Satisfaction Survey?

  • Login to your Freshservice account, navigate to Admin > Service Management > Service Desk settings > Satisfaction Survey.
    If your account has more than one workspace: 

    To modify global workflows, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Service Management > Service Desk settings > Satisfaction Survey.

    To modify workspace-level workflows, navigate to Admin > Workspace Settings > {Workspace Name} > Service Management > Service Desk settings > Satisfaction Survey

    Important Note:

    Workspace admins can view the list of global and local workflows applicable to their workspace. 

    The global workflows execute first, followed by the workspace-level workflows, to allow for the workspace-level workflows to take precedence over the global workflow. 

    For example, A global workflow can be configured to route tickets to the right workspace based on the subject/description. 

  • Click on Create New, enter a suitable title and question for your survey
  • Click on Add New, and select the type of question out of choice based, short text and rating. Your survey questionnaire can be a combination of these types of question

  • For a choice-based question, you can add more choices using the +Add choice option. You can also configure the question based on the options available in the right section of the page

    • You can make it mandatory for users to answer your question using Mark as a mandatory option

      Show emoticons alongside the choices

    • You can also quantify customer satisfaction by assigning scores to each choice using the Assign Scores behavior option

    • You can assign any value to these choices and based on those values the total score will be determined

  • You can add multiple questions to the survey by clicking on +Add new option. Add more choice-based questions, short text-type questions or rating based questions. The ratings can be set on a scale of 3, 4, or 5 and each rating can be assigned a score  ,

  • These scores can be used for various analytics as well as for understanding the sentiment of the customers

    • If the score lies between 0% <= Score <= 40%, the response will be considered a Negative sentiment

    • If the score lies between 40% < Score <= 60%, the response will be considered as Neutral sentiment

    • If the score lies between 60% < Score <= 100%, the response will be considered as Positive sentiment

  • You can also set a Thank you Message in the survey and attach any relevant image if needed

  • If you wish to see how the survey will look to the customers, you can click on the Preview option, and the survey will be mailed to you

  • Save the survey by clicking on Save or Save & Activate

1. Emoticons are available only for choice based questions
2. Scores cannot be assigned for text based questions

How to configure conditions to trigger the survey and survey questions?

You can create multiple surveys and configure conditions to define which survey will be triggered for which tickets, based on ticket fields. The Criteria section gives users the flexibility to set trigger conditions for a particular survey.

For example, you can create a separate survey for the IT teams and a separate one for the HR teams.

  • Configure a condition based on the ticket field. You can add multiple conditions and choose whether to match all or any of those conditions to trigger the survey
  • You can also configure the text that the user will receive the survey in the email or support portal in the section Configure the display text for the link sent in the survey mail
  • A ticket can have multiple email communications. You can set which emails from the ticket conversation will have the survey link for the customers based on the four options given

Use case scenario: Defining a survey for only IT teams

  •  You can set the frequency at which you want to send the survey emails to your customer and define a time period after which the frequency number will reset using the Regulate Survey Emails option

  • Under the Rules section, you can also configure rules for the survey questionnaire based on the question. 
  • These are mostly condition-action sets where you can set a condition based on one of the survey questions and define an action of whether to Show, Hide, or Jump to some other question in the survey
  • You can set multiple actions to one condition or create multiple such condition-action(s) set based on the survey questions

  • You can click the Clone option to create a copy of an existing survey
  • You can also click the Delete option to delete a survey. However, be mindful that deleting a survey will also wipe out all the underlying survey response data of that survey

How to create reports based on survey responses?

  • Once the survey is activated, you can set up Reports to capture various metrics based on survey ratings. The reports can be created both at the survey level as well as at a question response level
  • You can create different widgets at a survey level inside the Tickets module on the Survey score metric, with filters defined under Associated Survey

A detailed article on how to create reporting for Satisfaction Survey is available here

  • You can also create widgets on the Survey Score  metric at an overall survey level 
  • To create reports or widgets at a question level, you will have to use the new module called Survey Question
    • Inside the Survey Question module, you can create widgets based on the Question Score metric and create filters at the ticket level as well as at the survey level
    • Along with other group-by options, you can also group that metric based on the Choices of the survey questions or create buckets of Questions Score and group based on those buckets

  • You can also configure Workflows to send escalation e-mails to agents, so they can instantly get notified of poor ratings


If you are using the Freshservice Leaderboard to gamify your service desk, you can offer points to your agents for every happy rating they receive. You can also motivate your team to drive better customer satisfaction by letting them compete for the "Customer Wow Champ" trophy.


  • The active survey will be attached with Ticket Resolution/Closure emails or Replies based on your configuration
  • The scores assigned to any question for an existing survey that has already collected responses cannot be altered. However, all other configurations can be modified
  • The existing questions and choices cannot be modified at a later stage. However, new questions can be added to the survey


1. Unable to receive survey links from the ticket, how to resolve this?

If an agent has raised the ticket kindly have the below toggle enabled. 

2. Is it possible to reorder the survey?

I'm afraid we don't have a reorder option. You can only trigger a survey from a ticket or include the survey placeholder in any of the notifications.

3. How to view the survey responses sent?

Go to the Analytics module, then either create a new report or select an existing one. Add a Chart Widget and set "Tickets" as the metric with the filter "survey sent is not empty" then click save. To view the survey responses, click on the underlying data and select "associated survey short text response."