The Satisfaction Survey in Freshservice gives you an easy way to tap immediate feedback from your users . But sometimes, when you need deeper insights, you want users to fill out a more complete survey questionnaire. The Freshservice - SurveyMonkey integration lets you add SurveyMonkey surveys right inside tickets, the same way you’d add the default satisfaction survey.

How the SurveyMonkey Integration works

Once you enable the SurveyMonkey integration, you can choose which survey you want to add. You can now select whether you want customers to take the survey when a ticket is resolved or closed or with every reply, or you could even choose which replies you’d like to add the link to. You can even customize surveys based on the 'group' the ticket belongs to.

Note: You will be able to use the SurveyMonkey integration ALONG WITH your existing satisfaction survey. If you would like to only add the SurveyMonkey survey, remember to disable the Freshservice Satisfaction Survey from Admin>> Customer Satisfaction settings in your Freshservice account.

Freshservice SurveyMonkey integration

Quick Guide to setting up the SurveyMonkey Integration

  1. Go to Admin → Apps → Get More Apps.

  2. Locate the SurveryMonkey app and install it.

  3. You will be prompted for your SurveyMonkey Username and password. If you do not have an account already you can create one.
  4. Once you approve the integration, Freshservice will list the available surveys in your account. Note that only surveys where the Collector in SurveyMonkey is categorized as Web Link will be listed here.
  5. In the SurveyMonkey settings page,
  • Pick a survey.
  • Pick the collector.
  • Choose a text that should appear below your signature in the emails with the survey link (prompting the customers to take the survey).
  • Choose which emails should have the survey link.
  • Click Update. These settings can be edited any time by clicking on the ‘edit’ button in the SurveyMonkey tab.

If you Allow agents to add survey links to specific emails, a check box appears below the reply email. That allows agents to pick who to send the survey links to.