In Freshservice, approval notifications are commonly sent via email, especially regarding Service Requests and Change Requests. However, it is not possible to approve Change Requests using APIs; the CAB members can approve the change by clicking on the approval link sent by email.

Current Process:

Currently, the only way to approve a change request in Freshservice is by sharing a public approval link. The link is sent to the approver via email, and they need to click on it to review the details of the request before approving or rejecting it. However, this adds an extra step of navigating multiple screens and logging in before the approver can take action. Additionally, some approvers may be uncomfortable sharing a public approval link.

New Enhancement:

Freshservice has introduced a new enhancement to address these issues to streamline the approval process. The enhancement allows change and service request approvers to respond to requests directly from their email inboxes. Instead of sharing a public approval link, Freshservice sends an email to the approval recipients, where they can reply with certain keywords to approve or reject the request. This simplifies the approval process and makes it more convenient for approvers.

Benefits of Email Approvals:

One of the significant advantages of email approvals is that it enables stakeholders to approve or reject requests without logging into Freshservice. This feature is particularly useful when the approver is outside the organization or doesn't have access to the system. It also eliminates the need to navigate multiple screens to approve or reject a request, making the process more efficient.

For more details, please refer to Service request and change approval via Email : Freshservice