Now admins can translate custom fields for all the languages configured in their service desk portal. 

All fields and dropdown choices will be translated based on a logged-in requester’s language preference. Similar way, agents can also see all fields and dropdown choices translated based on their preferred language in Profile Settings.

How to manage translations for ticket fields?

  • Navigate to Admin -> Service Desk Rebranding in Account Settings.
    If your account has more than one workspace:
    To modify global workflows, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Account Settings > Service Desk Rebranding.
    To modify workspace-level workflows, navigate to Admin > Workspace Settings > {Workspace Name} > Account Settings > Service Desk Rebranding.

  • In Languages, click the Manage Languages button.

  • Once the primary language is set, add the languages (for eg. French) you wish to translate under Supported Languages and click Save.

  • Click the Download Translation file from the primary language.

  • Using a text editor, add all translations for custom fields in the downloaded file. 

  • Then, hover over any of the language choices and click the edit icon.

  • Once you’ve added the custom fields for the supported language (French), upload the translated .yml file and click Upload.

  • In case, you wish to delete a supported language, hover over the language choice and click the delete icon.

How to update/ delete translations for a language?

  • Under supported languages, hover over any of the language choices, click the edit icon.

  • Click Download to get the latest translated file, update the translations for the new fields using the text editor.

  • Click on Upload New, add the new .yml file and click Upload. This will overwrite the current version of the translation.

  • Click on Delete translation to delete an existing translation file.

Heads up!

  • Admin can only translate custom fields in their preferred language for ticket forms.

  • When a new field is added to the ticket form, they will also have to manually update the translation file in Manage Languages to ensure the following field is translated in their preferred language.