Note: We've updated our pricing and packaging. This feature is available on Blossom, Garden, Estate & Forest plans for customers who signed up before Nov 2nd 2020.

We all wonder what makes an ‘average’ customer experience ‘great’? With chatbots in the self-service portal, you provide an interface that basically mimics the conversation with the user.

Similarly, with Freddy, you can now report an issue, request for an item in your service catalog and much more seamlessly, by chatting with a bot.

This can decrease frivolous tickets for agents with dynamic FAQs that will take them directly to the source page, improve customer satisfaction and thereby increase self-service portal adoption.

Heads Up: The conversational portal is not available on MSP accounts

 How to Configure the Conversational Portal

  • Navigate to Admin -> Channels -> Chatbot in your Freshservice account. 

  • Choose a name, theme and avatar to customize your chatbot based on your needs.

  • Select an option (in this case let’s choose ‘Both conversational & Classic portal’) from Enable Self-Service to configure Freddy and easily switch between conversational & classic portal.

The Enable Self-Service consists of three options:-

  1. Only Conversational: Here, requesters can only access the conversational self-service portal that comprises Freddy.
  2. Both Conversational & Requestor Portal: Here, requestors can switch between the conversational portal (which comprises Freddy) and the classic portal.
  3. Only Requester Portal: Here, requesters can only access the classic portal (which is the existing self-service portal, sans Freddy.)

Finally, click on Preview on Portal to get a real-time preview of how the conversational and classic portal looks on the right-hand side.

How Can End Users Use the Conversational Portal

Once the admin enables the conversational portal, end users can simply go to their support portal and click on  Ask Freddy on the bottom right corner.

How to Configure Service Items for the Conversational Portal

  • Navigate to Admin -> Service Management-> Service Request Management -> Service Catalog -> Add New -> Service Item.

  • In the Custom Fields tab, enable the Make it Bot Ready toggle.

  • Drag and drop a custom field (for eg: Date) and enter the field properties such as Behavior, Field Name or Drop-down values.

  • Finally, fill up the What question should Freddy ask? field so Freddy can ask the right questions to fulfil the request and click Done.

You could also click the Chat icon to see a preview of the fields in the conversational portal.