We’ve just introduced a multi-account Freshservice experience for Managed Services Providers (MSPs). In this configuration, each customer/client of the MSP would reside in their own Freshservice account, and can therefore have complete isolation of data and configuration from one another.

When/why/how would this configuration help me?

Our existing MSP Mode allows you to manage multiple customers (who are modeled as Companies) in a single Freshservice account. This works well for most managed service providers for whom all agents are their own employees, and the workflows/configurations for most of their customers remain the same. However, the MSP Mode does not allow you to customize every available configuration for each customer, or provide agent-level access to your customers’ employees. If you have either or both of these requirements, the new multi-account experience would be well-suited for you.

How does it work?

  • Each customer would reside in their own Freshservice account.
  • Therefore, the account can be completely customized to fit the particular customer’s workflows.
  • Users need to be added as agents only in the accounts of customers they’re authorized to work for.
  • Agents who need to work across multiple customers, and therefore multiple Freshservice accounts, can use the MSP Dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of the open and pending tickets in each of the accounts. Clicking on the customer name would open the main dashboard of the account, while clicking on one of the ticket counts (Open/Overdue/etc) would open the ticket list view of that account with the corresponding filter applied.

  • Agents can use the Freshworks Switcher (the rainbow coloured grid on the bottom-left corner of your screen) to move between Freshworks accounts of different customers, and other Freshworks products as well.

  • Requesters from each customer would only exist in the account which corresponds to that customer.

How do I add a new customer?

  • Click on the “+” button next to Freshservice on the Freshworks Switcher from any of the accounts that are currently in the multi-account configuration.


  • In the popup which opens, choose a URL for the new account

  • This would create a new account for a customer, and associate it with the other accounts in the group.

How will I be billed, considering that I’m using multiple Freshservice accounts?

Let’s say that you provide services to ten customers - that means you’ll be creating ten Freshservice accounts. You have three agents who work for you. Harry is a manager who oversees all ten accounts, so they’ll be an agent in all ten accounts. Ron is an agent who works with customers 1 through 5, while Hermione is an agent who works with customers 6 through 10. You will NOT be paying for 10+5+5 = 20 licenses. Instead, you’ll only be paying for 3 licenses, one for each of the agents.

TL;DR: You will only be paying for the number of unique agents who work across the entire group of accounts - we don’t care about the number of accounts each agent is a part of.

How do I get a set of accounts in the MSP Multi-Account Configuration?

Talk to your Product Consultant, Account Manager, or Customer Success Manager, and they’ll hook you up with a shiny new set of trial accounts in the multi-account configuration.

Can I convert my existing account into the new configuration?

You could, but we cannot migrate data or configuration out of your existing account into new accounts (other accounts in the multi-account configurations). Your account also needs to be using Freshworks login. If that works for you, talk to us, and we’ll identify the best way to migrate your account.

Note: If you signed up for Freshservice after March 16th, 2020 here's how you need to setup security policies for Freshservice.