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Employees’ satisfaction is the key focus of every organization, and onboarding hires is a key opportunity to make a good impression. A streamlined and centralized onboarding process enables quicker induction of hires into their roles so that they can start contributing value to the organization with ease. 

With the Employee Onboarding Module in Freshservice, onboard your hires in a single click by setting up a seamless process for your stakeholders to contribute and collaborate. You can predefine role-specific onboarding kits and quickly manage and route your onboarding tasks to the right teams to get your hires up and running right from day one. 

How can you raise an Onboarding Request?

  • To raise an onboarding request, click on Onboard an Employee from the support portal. For example, if you’re an HR Manager looking to initiate an onboarding request, you can raise it here.

  • Fill in the hire’s details, and the stakeholders to whom you need to forward the onboarding request. For example, you can forward your onboarding request to the reporting manager for further information or approvals. Click Submit and Continue.

  • Based on the hire’s profile, you’ll see service items that you can provide for the hires. Choose the onboarding items and click Submit.

  • Once all stakeholders process the onboarding request, it is routed as child tickets to the respective departments.

Getting Started with the Onboarding Module

  • Navigate to Admin > Service Management > Service request management > Employee Onboarding

  • Click on Let’s go to set up your onboarding process. 

Setting up the Onboarding Process

Before you get started, to ensure you have all the required information in place about your onboarding process, we have a step 0.

Step 0: Onboarding Essentials 

Before you start setting up an onboarding process, it would be helpful to have the following information in place about your onboarding process:

  • Identify the key contributors in your onboarding process.

  • Define and determine the role your stakeholders will play in your onboarding process.

  • List out the items your hires will need based on their roles. 

  • Click on I’m ready to set up the onboarding process.

Setting up the Onboarding Module is a simple, four-step process. Here are the four steps involved in setting it up. 

Do check out the articles linked to each step to understand how to set them up.

Step 1: Add Stakeholders

Step 2: Build Onboarding Kits

Step 3: Create Onboarding Tickets

Step 4: Modify Approvals


1. How to export all onboarding or joiners tickets report?

Navigate to the Analytics module > Create a new report and drag and drop a chat widget > Use the metric as employee onboarding and add additional filters if required. From the underlying data, you will be able to add additional information about the ticket fields.

2. How to check the pending or processing employee onboarding requests within the system? 

You can review the list of onboarding requests within the Employee Journeys, including those in statuses such as Awaiting Information, Cancelled, Being Processed, and Closed.

3. Which role is required to build out the employee onboarding form? or 

To build out employee onboarding forms in Freshservice, the role of an Admin is required to be configured.

4. Is it possible for another manager to approve an onboarding request?

This is not possible at the moment, you would need to cancel the existing request and create a new request linked to the respective reporting manager.

5. Can a user with a business agent license see the onboarding journey?

Can leverage employee onboarding. However, the administration can only be managed by Pro and Enterprise agents. Kindly click here to learn more about features that are accessible to business agents.

4. Can the employee onboarding be accessed from the agent portal?

The onboarding tickets can be raised only from the support portal ( Click on your profile icon > Support Portal).

5. How to view the previous employee onboarding requests that are requested?

Click on your profile icon and navigate to the support portal. Then, click on the three lines at the top left side of the portal and select "Employee Onboarding." Here, you can view the requests based on their status.

6. I'm having trouble viewing the build kits as a Stakeholder/HR Manager/Reporting Manager. How can this be resolved?

Go to Global Settings > Admin > Employee Onboarding > Build Kits and check who has visibility access, only the respective stakeholder will be able to access it.

7. How can I resolve the error "Kit Update Failed"?

In order for the kit to be updated in the onboarding module you are requested to have the number of items below 30.