Freshservice lets you add time entries to track the time spent on tickets by each agent (handling
specific tasks). This helps you get an idea of the overall service desk performance. And adding
a timer to tasks (or the entire ticket, for that matter) is pretty easy.

  1. From the ticket’s detailed view, click on Time tracked in the bottom-right corner and then
    click Add time

  2. In the Add time window, select the Task you want to track. The Agent field will change to the corresponding agent automatically.

  3. Add the ‘Start’ time in the Hours field and select the Billable checkbox to log the entry
    as billable in the Time Sheet Report.

  1. Select a Date (the current date is filled in by default).

  2.  Add a Note to label the time entry and click on Start Timer.

When you add a new time entry, it stops all the existing timers. You can start and stop the
timers manually; and also edit or delete them if required. Just hover over a time entry in the
ticket’s detailed view to get these options.