When a ticket gets assigned to you, one of the first things you would want to do is send a

Freshservice lets you send rich text replies to requesters. You can bullet the instructions and
bold, italicize and underline key phrases to highlight them. You can Cc and Bcc your fellow
agents if they need to be notified. You can link solution articles in the response or choose from a
list of canned responses.

You can also attach files from your computer to add more context to your reply. 

Inserting Solution Articles into your responses

If your knowledge base contains a solution article that might help resolve the issue reported in
the ticket, you can insert the article right in the ticket.

To insert a solution article, click on the open book icon present on the top right corner. You’ll be provided with the option to choose the solution article of your choice and add it to the reply. 

Using Canned Responses While Replying

Canned responses can be used to quickly insert reply templates into your messages. They can
be added by the service desk admin and be customized to add the requestor’s name, agent’s
signature and ticket details using dynamic content placeholders.

To insert a canned response, click on the Canned Response icon present on the top right corner (next to the Insert Solution option).