Note: Your Freshservice account needs to have at least 50 public solution articles published and more than 1000 tickets raised in last 30 days for this feature to function.

Whenever users raise a support ticket, they’ll have to wait for their problem to be resolved (or query to be answered) until someone from the IT team picks the ticket and answers them. This usually takes a few hours to as long as a couple of days. 

Also, when you look deeper, a majority of these tickets contain issues that can be resolved by users if they’re educated in the right way. A simple redirection to a solution article could do wonders and bring down the load of your service desk. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could utilize the users’ waiting time to help them troubleshoot issues themselves! 

Smart Article Suggester

Smart Article Suggester in Freshservice automatically suggests solution articles to users based on the type of issue raised in the ticket. The feature uses machine learning techniques to identify and recommend solution articles that are more relevant to the issue that is raised. 

How does it work?

When a user sends an email to the IT helpdesk, it reaches the organization’s Freshservice portal and is created as a ticket. An acknowledgement email with a link to their ticket page is sent to the user’s email address.  

Smart Article Suggester effectively utilizes the acknowledgement email to help users troubleshoot the issue on their own.  

Once the ticket is raised, the machine learning algorithm analyzes the ticket and automatically picks solution articles that might help the user resolve the issue. The links to chosen solution articles are then added to the acknowledgement mail, and sent to the user. 

When the user clicks on a solution article, he/she will be taken to a page where they’ll be shown the troubleshooting steps. 

If they were able to fix the issue by following the steps mentioned in the solution article, they can click on the Yes, Close my request button present on the page. This action is important as this would notify the team that the ticket has been resolved and it doesn’t need any assistance from the IT team. This would considerably decrease the ticket load among agents, allowing them to focus on important tickets that require their assistance. 

If the users still can’t figure out the issue, an agent from the IT team can pitch in and help them. 


Users can understand the issues they face and troubleshoot them effectively. Also Smart article suggester helps a great deal in reducing the load among the agents, giving them more bandwidth to handle issues of higher impact and priority. 


  1. Smart Article Suggester picks and adds a maximum of three solution articles to the acknowledgement email. 

  2. If you wish to add/remove solution article suggester from your email, head to Settings > Email Notification > Requester Notification > New Ticket Created, and add or remove the placeholder: {{solution_url}}. This placeholder will append the suggested articles to the ticket. If removed no suggestions will be added.