Workflowmax is a time tracking and invoicing solution which you can integrate with your Freshservice account to manage your resources and their billing.

Here are the steps to enable the WorkflowMax integration in Freshservice:

1. Login to Freshservice as an Admin and go to the Admin console.

2. Click on Integrations under Service Desk Productivity.

3. Click on the toggle switch next to WorkflowMax to enable it.

4. Enter a title for your Widget under Widget Title. 

5. You will need to obtain the API Key and Account Key from WorkflowMax Support. Once you do, enter them into the specified fields and click on Enable.


6. Once integrated, click on any ticket and go to the Time Tracked section on the panel. 

7. You can then choose the client, staff, joband task to add time entries into Workflow Max. You can add a job in Freshservice if it's not already listed.

Note: The client data will be based on the agent's email address.