This article answers some common questions about service management in Freshservice.

Q. How can I configure the visibility of service items in the service catalog?

A.  You can restrict the visibility of Service Items to specific requester groups by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Admin
  2. Under the Service Management section, go to the Service Request Management sub-section, and click on the Service Catalog option.
  3. Click on the required Service Item and select the Settings tab.
  4. Under the "Choose who can view this service item" section, select the required Agent groups and Requester groups who can access the service item.

    Configuring the visibility of service items in the service catalog

Once the restriction has been applied, the service item will only be visible to the selected users or groups when they are logged in to Freshservice. Other users will not be able to see or access the item.

Q. Are Bulk actions available for requesters?

A. Bulk actions are not available for requestors. They can only view the tickets they raised or shared by other requesters. For more details, please refer - Share Ticket with Requesters and Access Changes from their department

Q. Can a requester be a watcher for a ticket?

A. The requestor cannot be a watcher. Only the agents can be added as watchers to tickets. But requesters can be shared tickets. For more details, please refer - Sharing Tickets and Changes with other Requesters: Freshservice 

Q. Can you create a non-admin role to manage the Assets?

A. Yes, you can make an agent an Asset admin. He'd be able to manage the assets without having access to incidents or other ITIL modules. You have to assign the appropriate roles to the agent.

Q. What's the minimum logout session time you can set?

A. Session Timeout should be between 5 minutes and 365 days.

Q. What is the difference between a prime user and a dept head?

A. A prime user can view all the incidents and service requests in their department while the department head can also approve them.

Q. Can you import your own holiday list?

A. You can define the Yearly Holiday List either manually or by importing a country's holiday list by specifying the region. You can import your own list of holidays, but you can add individual holidays one by one.