The CloudWatch integration in Freshservice makes it easy for you to stay on top of your AWS assets.  All alarms related to your AWS services will be added as tickets in Freshservice.

Setting up the integration:

1. Login to your Freshservice account as an admin. Then from the Admin console, click on Apps.


2. Search for Amazon CloudWatch and click on Install.


3. Click on Add Account. It should take you to a page similar to the one shown below- type a name for this account; you’ll need the Account ID and the External ID to set up the integration. To get the role ARN, you will have to enable the services and create roles on the AWS Cloudwatch console.



4. In a new tab login to your AWS console. Go to All Services> Security, Identity, & Compliance > IAM.



5. Click on Policies > Create Policy.

6. Create a policy by attaching only the required permissions listed in the table below:



Actions to be allowed



  • DescribeRegions


  • CreateTopic
  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
  • ConfirmSubscription
  • ListSubscriptionsByTopic
  • DeleteTopic

  • DescribeAlarms
  • PutMetricAlarm

7. Under Resources, we recommend you to enable "Any in this account".

8. Once you add all your listed services, give a name for your policy and click on Create.

9. From under Access management click on Roles> Create New Role. Click on Another AWS Account tab and enter the Account ID and the External ID (from Step 3). Uncheck the Require MFA box and click on Next Step.

10. Attach the policy that you just created by searching for the policy name you added. 



11. Provide the required information to complete the role creation and click on Create Role.



12. Now you’ll get the Role ARN. Copy it and paste it into the AWS Cloudwatch integration page on Freshservice. (Refer Step 3)

The CloudWatch account is now integrated with your Freshservice account. Alarms in CloudWatch will be converted into tickets in Freshservice. To help distinguish these tickets from incidents, they are categorized as ‘alerts’.

Note: This integration is also available on the Garden, Estate and Forest plans.