When end users send emails from different email IDs, it can create duplicate requester entries in Freshservice. This can make it difficult to track requests and can be inefficient for agents. Fortunately, Freshservice offers a solution to merge these duplicate requesters into a single, primary entry.

Here are the steps to merge duplicate requesters in Freshservice:

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Management > Requesters. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > User Management > Requesters.
  2. Click on the primary requester's profile, click the dropdown icon, and select Merge.
  3. Search for the secondary or duplicate requesters and select them using the '+' icon.
  4. Click Proceed, and Continue and Merge once you have selected all of them.

Merging Requesters in Freshservice

Once all the secondary requesters have been merged with the primary one, the following changes will occur:

  • All the tickets, problems, changes, releases, approvals, tags, etc are moved to the primary requester.
  • If a ticket is raised through an email from a secondary email ID, then all agent replies will go to the secondary email. But the requester on the ticket will be the primary one.
  • All of the secondary requesters' departments, groups, and CABs will be moved to the primary one.
  • The email ID that was verified first will become primary.
  • If there are null fields for the primary requester, then the first secondary requester's data will be updated there.


1. Is it possible to merge the requester and agent profiles?

You will only be able to merge two requester profiles. Agent and requester accounts cannot be merged.