When you are running a service desk every day, there are times when the same conversation is going on at different places. For example, the same service request can be created by different people in the team, or someone might accidentally open a new ticket instead of following up with the existing request. This can be misleading when your agents try to work on multiple tickets.

To avoid such conflicts, you can merge two or more tickets in Freshservice when you feel like they are all dealing with the same thing. 

The following things happen when you merge two or more tickets together in Freshservice:

  • One of the tickets becomes the primary ticket (you get to choose). The others become secondary. 
  • The entire conversation from the secondary tickets is moved to the primary ticket. 
  • All the secondary tickets will be closed. 
  • All messages get sorted chronologically. 
  • A note is added to each of the tickets with a link to the primary ticket. 
  • If the note is public, an email notification might be sent to the requesters about the merged tickets.

A quick guide to merging two or more tickets:

  1. Open the Tickets tab. 
  2. Select the tickets you want to merge from the list by using the checkboxes.
  3. Click on the Merge button on the navigation pane.  
  4. In the dialog box that pops up, choose whichever ticket you want to be the primary ticket by clicking on it. Once you do, a tick mark appears next to it as a confirmation
  5. If you'd like to remove any tickets from the merge, you can do so by clicking on the red minus icon next to them from the list. You cannot remove a ticket from the merge when it has been marked as the primary
  6. Similarly, you can use the search box on the right side to look at tickets by either Requester name, ID, or Subject and add them to the list using the + sign next to the ticket
  7. When you are ready to proceed, click on the Continue button

      8. On the following page, review the changes you made and confirm that everything's okay. 

      9. There are two different notes available. One for the primary ticket, and another for the secondary ticket. You             can edit the content in each of them if necessary.

     10. Finally, click on the Confirm and Merge button to finish merging the tickets.

Similar to this, you could also open up each ticket from your help desk and use the Merge function from the navigation bar.


1. If an agent is replying to merged tickets, will both  of the requesters from the two tickets will receive my reply?

After merging tickets, the primary ticket will retain its original requester. However, agents need to manually include the requesters from secondary tickets in the CC field of the reply email. This action only needs to be done once. Subsequently, when agents reply to the ticket, the additional requesters will be automatically added to the CC field.

The action of merging is nothing but closing the merged ticket and creating a private note in the ticket that it is merged into. 

2. Can we unmerge two tickets?

You can delete the merged ticket note created in the ticket that is merged into, and re-open the ticket that is closed. This will completely reverse the merge action.