The Service Catalog consolidates all the services that you, as an employee, are entitled to. The catalog makes it easy for you to request services by providing a one-stop shop on the portal.

You can request the services you need in a few easy steps.

A quick guide to requesting a Service from the Service Catalog:

  • Login to the end-user portal and click on Request New Service.
  • From the list of services click on the one that you want to request. You can even search for it directly.
  • This takes you to the checkout page which provides more details about the service and tells you when you can expect it. 
  • If you need more than one of the item, specify the quantity.
  • In case you’re placing the request on somebody else’s behalf, enter their email address and then click on Place Request.
  • This creates a Service Request automatically. You can keep track of it from the Tickets tab.

Hope that was helpful. Here's the guide for configuring the Service Catalog.

You can add custom fields for your service items, to identify service requests that require quick attending and resolving. For example, a priority field can be added to assess the immediate necessity.

Canceling Service Requests

Free service lets you cancel or close any service requests that you have raised through your support portal. To do this, simply click Mark Ticket as Closed. Once this is done, the service request ticket will be closed permanently.

Note: Once you close a service request ticket, you won't be able to re-open the ticket. 

How to restrict the access of certain catalog items from the users?

Navigate to Admin / Global settings Admin and select the respective workspace if you have more than one workspace. Then, navigate to Catalog and select the specific item you want to restrict visibility for. Under "Choose who can view this service item," you can restrict visibility for both Agents and Requesters.