You can configure Freshservice to send you email alerts and updates whenever an asset's warranty (hardware) or the license (software) is nearing expiry. 

Configurations for tickets and projects that cut across all workspaces can be configured globally. For example, user activation and agent activation emails that apply to the entire account can be configured globally. To configure notifications specific to your workspace, you can configure email notifications at the workspace level.  

  1. To do this, go to Admin > Account Settings > Email notifications. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > {Worskpace Name} > Account Settings > Email notifications.

  2. Click on the tab named Assets.

  3. Enable the required notification. 
  4. To configure the said notification, click on the respective link (Hardware Warranty Expiry Notification or Software License Expiry Notification) and make necessary changes to the email content. Add the person you want to notify in the field (usually the person in the IT team in charge of expiring assets).

  5. Click Save.