In addition to having your assets scanned by the discovery probe, Freshservice also lets you add configurations to your helpdesk manually. This is useful when you want to keep track of a system that is outside your network, or with any consumable items and peripherals.

These assets will become a part of your CMDB/Asset Management module and can have properties and relationships just like the ones discovered automatically.

Quick guide to manually adding a configuration item to Freshservice:

  • Login to Freshservice as an administrator or technician.
  • Click on Assets -> Inventory¬†from the navigation.
  • Click on the Add New button on the top right corner.
  • Fill in the name, type, impact, and description for the CI/asset.
  • If necessary, you can assign it to a department in your helpdesk or have it assigned it to a specific requester directly. You will also be able to choose who manages the asset.
  • Click on the Save button on top to finish adding the asset.

Your new asset now gets added to the CMDB/Asset Management module. You can browse through your existing CIs/assets and start managing it in anyway you want.