This report shows you general information on how a selected agent is performing in your helpdesk.. It can be used to compare their activities on a month to month basis and to identify areas for improvement. The green and red arrows indicate relative change in performance over the selected time period. Ideally, you don’t want to see any reds here.

Raising red flags:

Any/ all red flags

Compare this agent with top performers to identify the main problem areas.

Average Response Time ↑  (or)

Average First Response Time ↑  (or)

Average Resolution Time ↑

Create expertise groups of agents and turn on Automatic Ticket Assignment to prevent delays in picking up tickets.

Tickets by Source

This report shows you tickets getting assigned to the selected agent are spread across your different support channels. It can be used to figure out the agent has been receiving a wide spectrum of tickets from different sources. Ideally, you want a large number of people coming to your support portal and help themselves by reading solutions.

Tickets by Priority

This report gives you an overview of the severity of tickets that get assigned to the selected agent. It can be used to find out if the agent is getting overwhelmed with too many critical tickets and if it affects the overall performance of your helpdesk. Ideally, you want the ticket priorities to be spread out for each agents so that they have enough time to resolve all tickets within SLA.

Raising red flags:

More High/ Urgent priority tickets

Encourage knowledge sharing to distribute high priority tickets across agents.

Tickets by Type

This report shows you a break up of the different types of tickets getting assigned to this agent.

If a majority of tickets that this agent handles are related to a particular type, consider creating a rule to automatically assign tickets of this type to this agent or her group.