This report shows you a quick overview of the core metrics in your support. Hover over each metric to learn how it is measured. The green and red arrows indicate relative change in performance over the selected time period. Ideally, you don’t want to see any reds here.

Raising red flags:

Backlog Tickets ↑

Setup SLAs and appropriate escalation hierarchies to ensure faster resolution.

Try scaling the support team up.

Average Response Time ↑  (or)

Average First Response Time ↑  (or)

Average Resolution Time ↑ (or) 
SLA Complicance ↓

Negotiate SLA policies to force faster response and resolution.

Incentivize agents for fast responses and ticket resolution.

Identify core problem areas and try adding appropriate solutions.

Try scaling the support team up.


Reopens ↑ AND
Customer Interactions ↑

Incentivize agents for first call resolutions.

Escalate tickets to supervisors when customer interactions go high.

Encourage agents to focus on accuracy. Add canned responses and solutions to help pin-point issues faster.

Tickets by Source

This chart shows you how the tickets in your service desk are spread across your different support channels. It can be used to understand the most preferred way customers choose to get in touch with you. Ideally, you want a large number of people coming to your support portal and helping themselves with your knowledge base and community discussions before raising tickets.

Raising red flags:

Concentrated around a single source OR

Fewer tickets through portal than other sources

Make your support portal publicly available, and tell your customers about it.

Define SLAs for critical channels and structure business processes accordingly.

Tickets by Priority

This chart gives you an overview of the severity of tickets that come in to your support portal. Ideally, low priority tickets are Level - 1 type tickets, requesting routine queries such as password resets. High and urgent priority tickets refer to more critical problems that have greater business impact, and need to be serviced immediately.

Raising red flags:

Low Priority Tickets clogging the system

Add solutions and “how tos” to your knowledge base.

Reuse ready-made replies to standard questions, using Canned Responses.

High/Urgent Tickets clogging the system

Make sure that tickets are being prioritized correctly.

Run a root-cause analysis to understand the underlying problem areas.

Tickets by Type

This report shows you a break up of the different kinds of tickets coming into your helpdesk. It can be used to find out what kind of questions take up most of your support time and also to get a general idea about where customers get stuck.

Raising red flags:

Tickets clogged into one category

Try drilling in by adding dependent sub-categories.

Add relevant solutions to your knowledge base.

Force agents to categorize tickets correctly before resolving them.