When a requester raises a request without a known workaround, your agents are probably looking to figure out what’s causing the issue and find out if somebody’s already trying to get it fixed. Their next step would be to link the incident to a problem in your service desk. 

Sometimes, there is an existing problem that has already been created that’s relevant to your context.  You could link your incident to it directly. You could also choose to create a new problem if you don’t find anything that’s relevant, or similar that is likely to fix this issue. This takes just a few clicks and can be done from the navigation bar of your tickets view page.

Quick guide to linking incidents to problems:

  • Open up any incident (ticket) from the Dashboard or the Tickets tab
  • Under the Associations tab, click on the +Associate button from the top right corner
  • From the Associate a problem pop-up choose New Problem or Existing Problem 
  • If you choose Existing Problem, select the existing problems from the list or search for it and then click Associate 
  • If you choose New Problem, type in the details and create a new problem yourself
  • Once done, the name of the problem should appear on the sidebar to indicate that it has been linked

When the linked problem gets fixed, Freshservice will notify the agent who has been assigned to the ticket automatically by email. In case your incident continues to be Open until then, you could choose to resolve it since the problem has been closed.