On an average day, almost all the requests that come into your service desk say the same thing. Sometimes, they are password reset requests, sometimes they talk about broken printers. But a day-to-day basis, your agents spend more time answering the same questions over and over again.

A good way to make life easier for your agents is by populating your knowledge base with solution articles, and referring to them while replying to requests. With Freshservice, you could include a link to any of your kBase articles, or the entire article itself when you are composing your reply. You can also have your service desk automatically suggest solutions based on keywords in the original request.

A quick guide to adding an existing solution as a response:

  • Make sure you have relevant knowledge base articles in your service desk
  • Open up any ticket in your service desk from the Dashboard
  • Click on the Reply button under the Conversations section on the Details tab 
  • Once the compose dialog opens, click on the book icon on the bottom-left of the section 
  • A popup will open and will automatically suggest solutions to you based on your request
  • In case you couldn’t find anything relevant, search for more solutions by typing in a name
  • Hover over the solution article and choose Insert link or Insert content 

Similarly, you could also add a canned response to your reply. For more about canned responses click here.