Sometimes you might need to involve a third-party vendor or someone from outside your team on a ticket. Freshservice lets you forward conversations to any email address right from within the ticket. This way, you can have any of your vendors or third party contacts as a part of the conversation easily.

A quick guide to forwarding a ticket:

  • Open up any ticket from the Tickets tab
  • Click on Forward under the Details tab
  • Enter the Forward to email address
  • Type in any additional message if required and do the necessary formatting
  • Attach a file if required by hitting the Attach a file button
  • You can also include Canned Responses and Solution Articles by clicking on the corresponding icons. For more information about canned responses click here
  • A dialog box pops up which lets you browse through and choose the file
  • Click on Open after selecting the appropriate file
  • Hit Forward once you are done sending the message
  • Click Cancel to go back 

Now, the ticket will be forwarded to the recipient from your support email address along with the ticket description and the forwarding notes. 

Note: Once you have forwarded the tickets, any subsequent replies from recipients get added as a private note to the ticket.