(Only relevant for accounts that signed up before 12th December 2022)

Freshservice APIs: Each workspace in your account can have its own:

  • Tickets

  • Problems

  • Changes

  • Releases

  • Agent Groups

  • Assets

  • Softwares

  • Contracts

  • Purchase Orders

  • Business Hours

  • Solutions

  • Service Catalog

  • SLA Policies

  • Custom Objects

  • Canned Responses

  • Announcements

  • Audit Log 


In a single workspace account, APIs based on the above modules will continue to work as expected without passing any workspace ID. However, if you’ve added multiple workspaces and you’re using Freshservice APIs for the above modules in the following areas:


 Workflow Automator ( Web Request nodes and “Trigger Webhook” Action nodes

→ Custom apps

→ Portal Customization 

→ Any custom services or middleware developed using Freshservice APIs


You may have to additionally pass the workspace ID in your API request if it’s trying to:

  • Create new data within a workspace (Example: Create a ticket)

  • Retrieve a list of items from a specific workspace (Example: List all agent groups in a workspace)

  •  If the workspace ID is not passed, the new data will be created in or retrieved from the primary workspace or the first workspace of your account.


For actions that do not require the workspace to be known, for example, fetching, editing or deleting a ticket by passing its ID, the APIs will continue to work as expected even in a multi-workspace account.


Marketplace Apps: 


Public Apps: If any public app is based on data that will now reside within a workspace and performs at least one of the following:

  • Creates new data in your account.  Example: Create a ticket

  • Syncs data with a third-party tool because it has fields mapped between your ticket/problem/change/release forms and a third-party tool

  • Retrieves a list of data from your account. Example: Fetch all the tickets in the account

Such apps will continue to function as expected in the primary/first workspace of your account. However, when you add a second workspace, they will continue to perform the above actions only in the first workspace. 

The Freshservice Team is currently in the process of upgrading such apps by adding multi-workspace support to them. In case you want an app to be prioritized,  please write to us at support@freshservice.com

     Private Apps

If you’re using Freshservice APIs for the modules mentioned in the “Freshservice APIs” section and you’re creating multiple workspaces in your account, you may have to update the app by passing the right workspace id so that the app continues to work as expected.