Note: Applicable only for accounts in which workspaces have been enabled.

The first workspace created in the account is tagged as the primary workspace. It functions as follows:

  • Any ticket raised will be assigned to the primary workspace if its destination workspace cannot be identified. 

    • If the workspace field has not been enabled for the ‘Report an Issue’ form on the support portal, tickets will be assigned to the primary workspace. If a global workflow rule has been configured, it will route the ticket to the right workspace.

    • If a ticket has been created through a marketplace app, integrations or API call and the value for the workspace field is not specified, that ticket will be directed to the primary workspace. 

    • Marketplace Apps that reference your service desk’s form fields can only refer to the primary workspace’s form fields. 


  • Tickets raised via the Service Catalog will be routed to the home workspace of the service item.

  • Tickets raised via email will be assigned to the home workspace of that email address.

  • On creating more than one workspace, the primary workspace cannot be changed